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Lycian Way is one of the world's top 10 long-distance walking routes.

Lycian Way (Turkish: Likya Yolu) is a marked long-distance trail in southwestern Turkey around part of the coast of ancient Lycia. It is over 500 km (310 miles) in length and stretches from Hisarönü (Ovacık), near Fethiye, to Geyikbayırı in Konyaaltı, about 20 km (12 miles) from Antalya. It is waymarked with red and white stripes after the French Grande Randonnee convention system, and the intersections are marked with yellow directional signs. The trail was conceived by Kate Clow and opened in 1999.  
Lycia was a region on the Western Taurus Mountains in Teke Peninsula in southwestern Anatolia on the Mediterranean Sea coast. According to historians, Lycian people lived in the prehistoric Late Bronze Age. They built city-states along the Mediterranean Sea coast, such as Phaselis, Sdyma, Pyndai, Phellos, Apelia, Theimussa, Letoon, Xanthos, Patara, Antiphellos, Apollonia, Idyros, Simena, Myra, Limyra, Gagae, Olympos, Sura, Belos. In later times, the region of Lycia was occupied by the Persian Empire and Ancient Greece, then controlled by Ancient Rome, Byzantine Empire, Seljuk Empire, and finally, the Ottoman Empire. Rock-cut tombs on cliff walls and sarcophagi in the region testify to the Lycian civilization.  
We created a program for you to step on this unique course, travel in ancient cities, and blend with natural beauties.  
Day 1 Dalaman → Kayaköy → Ölüdeniz 
Meet with your guide at Dalaman Airport at 8 am. Have breakfast and set off to Kayaköy (15 km, 30-mn drive), the largest ghost town in Asia Minor. This population was home to thousands of Greeks until the end of the First World War in 1918. Today the city has been well preserved with Greek-style houses, beautiful Orthodox churches, chapels, and cisterns. Trekking to Oludeniz, an idyllic place by the sea with pine trees as a backdrop that owes its name (dead sea) to a lagoon located at the western end of the beach, which is protected by hills and a narrow canal keeping calm its transparent waters even during the worst storms. Free time for swimming. Transfer to your hotel. Overnight at Oludeniz.
Walking for the day: 6 km, 4 hours  
Day 2 Oludeniz → Ovacık → Faralya

Have breakfast and transfer to Ovacık (5 km – 10 mn drive), where our daily trekking will start.
The trail from Ovacık to Faralya (Butterflies valley) along the shoulders of the Baba Dagi with a spectacular and panoramic path runs parallel to the coast. The trail passes through lush pine forests and remote villages before descending to Faralya, located on a small plateau above the Butterfly Valley.
Overnight at Ovacık or Faralya.
Walking for the day: 15km, 8 hours
Day 2 – Paragliding and Oludeniz (The Optional Tour)
Have breakfast and transfer to Babadağ. It is known as one of the best places in the world to paraglide due to its unique panoramic views and stable weather conditions. Babadağ (ancient Mount Anticragus) has a summit of 1,969 meters. The most exciting attraction of this tour is to experience paragliding over the Olüdeniz. You may ask your guide to organize a fly in the blue sky with a skillful coach for about 45 minutes. Enjoy the rest of the day at Olüdeniz beach. Transfer to your hotel.  
Day 3 Faralya → Kabak Bay
Have breakfast and our daily trekking on the trail, which will end at Kabak Bay beach. Free time for swimming. Overnight at Ovacık or Faralya.
Walking for the day: 14 km, 6 hours  
Day 4 Kabak Bay → Yediburunlar → Alınca → Patara
Have breakfast, and our trekking on the trail will pass through Yediburunlar, Alınca, and end at Patara, a flourishing maritime and commercial city. The site is a plain surrounded by hills and included, in ancient times, a large natural harbor (since silted up). Patara was formally annexed by the Roman Empire in 43 AD and attached to Pamphylia. The city is mentioned in the New Testament as where Paul of Tarsus and Luke changed ships. Apart from its ancient ruins, Patara is also famous for 18 kilometers of beach. Free time for swimming at Patara beach and transfer to your hotel. Overnight at Patara.
Walking for the day: 10 km, 5 hours  
Day 5 Patara →Gey → Gavurağılı
Have breakfast, and our trekking will start from Gey village and finish at Gavurağılı. Free time for swimming at Patara beach. Overnight at Patara.
Walking for the day: 15 km, 7 hours  
Day 6 Patara → Sarıbelen → Gökçeören
Have breakfast and set off to Sarıbelen (20km – 30 mn drive), where our daily trekking will start and end at Gökçeören village. Overnight at Patara.
Walking for the day: 12 km, 6 hours  
Day 7 Patara → Kaş (Limanağzı) → Üzümlü
Have breakfast and set off to Kaş (one hour drive). Our daily trekking will start at Üzümlü village. Trekking along the rocky shoreline with a nice view of the seaside. Free time for swimming. Overnight at Kaş.
Walking for the day: 14 km, 7 hours  
Day 8 Kaş →Kılıçlı → Aperlai → Kaleüçağız → Simena
Have breakfast and visit the ancient city of Aperlai, situated near the bay. The city's ruins are located on the north side of the bay. On the old site, you may see two Roman bath ruins near the port in Aperlai and two small-sized Byzantine churches. Daily trekking will end at Kaleüçağız (Kekova), a small town at the seaside. Enjoy the sunset from the Castle of Simena. Transfer to your hotel. Overnight at Kaş.
Walking for the day: 13 km, 8 hours  
Day 9 Kaş → Saklıkent National Park → Dalaman Airport
Have breakfast and visit Xantos ancient city. The ruins of Xanthus are on the south slopes of a hill; the ancient acropolis, located on the northern outskirts of the modern town, is on the left bank of the Xanthus, which flows beneath the hill. set off to Saklıkent (30 km, 30-mn drive) National Park. The entrance of the Saklikent Canyon is on the wooden bridges that span the river. Two-hour hiking in the canyon and having lunch along the river. set off to Dalaman Airport. (90 km, 1,5-hour drive)

West Lycian Way

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